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Wonder Woman Fan art
Watched the movie 3 weeks ago and absolutely loved it. :) 
hope you guys like it! 
I've been super busy with school and haven't really done a lot of finished illustrations.
For sketches, oil paintings, quick studies, plein-airs and sketches please check out my instagram and tumblr accounts!…
Cloudyh  tagged me, so here it goes
haven't done one of these for soooo loooong *giggles*

1.- You must posts these rules.
2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them
3.- Answer the questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 13 people
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people
8.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
9.- Tag-backs are ALLOWED
10.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
11.- Cussing is ALLOWED

13 things about me:
1.- Right now I'm obsessed with the mbti personality types :B
2.- I'm an ENFP and I'm super happy about it  
3.- sometimes I wish I wasn't just a freelance because I love to meet new people and interaction
4.- I'm also super lazy and love working from home 
5.- I worked on WDW 2 years ago on summer, it was awesome sauce
6.- I might move to San Francisco next year to get a masters degree on illustration
7.- I love eating too much specially chocolate and desserts
8.- I'm super distracted 
9.- I really liek Selena and soap operas are my guilty pleasure 
10.- I miss my online friends :C they are the best 
11.- I wish I was more in touch with my friends
12.- I love playing sims but I always feel super guilty when I do :C (shouldbedoingsomethingwithmylife)
13.- If I was a man I would be a super fierce drag queen 

1.-Favorite childhood song.
Dreaming of you~ Selena c:

2.- Do you have pets?
I have a samoyan-husky mix named nube but he's more like my roomate (he even pays rent and everything)

3.- when you were a kid, what did you think you would be or what would you be doing now? what do you do in the present?
I used to think I would be an engineer like my mom and then be a doctor like my dad like both things and once (yeaaaahright)
I'm a freelancer/background artist for darkar studios c: 

4.- favorite cartoon.
Neon Genesis Evangelion, I'm currently in love with Steven universe and gravity falls though 

5.- Have you ever met a celebrity?
artists celebrities~ 

6.- Do you speak another lenguage?
spanish? rofl

7.- Which has been the best place you have ever been?
I loooove wdw specially epcot D: 

8.- do you have a hoobie?
Is working out a hobby? if not that tumblr is my hobby oh and eating c:

9.- Do you like videogames? which one it's your favorite game?
sometimes? sims 5eva

10.- Favorite food:
macarons~ and ummh my moms enchiladas and hamburgers and sushi and food in general

Which has been the worst place you have ever been?
azteca stadium after a soccer match D: 

12.- Do you preffer Mac, or Windows?

13.- say something, whatever you want:
hola kalichiiii

my questions
1.- what's your favorite movie?
2.- what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
3.- what's your mbti type? (if you haven't done the test) why haven't you done the test?
4.- pizza or hamburgers? 
5.- who's your favorite super hero and why?
6.- what's your favorite music band
7.- if you could go to any disney park which one would you chose?
8.- what was your fav subject in high school? 
9.- what's your favorite fast food place?
10.-If you could meet anyone who would you like to meet?
11.- what do you do on your free time?
12.- coffee or tea? why?
13.- would you make me a sandwich?

I will tag-back Cloudyh >w>
and this cutie pies PacoSantoyo , Pamneko  Kitsycool  ItzelEmeEfe sofiadibuja  Titillas   XDEquisDe  (they'll probably never do it because they are lazy sons of bitches, except kitsy :*) 
  • Reading: rabbit, run
  • Watching: just finished daredevil c:
  • Playing: ~
  • Eating: Dark chocolate
  • Drinking: black tea



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